NosMola is pleased to announce the BETA version of our application for archery Archery Analysis. The first thing to do to use the application is register within the application. Once you have been registered, you can set up your profile (click on your name) and add a personalized bow (body, limbs, string) and a kind of arrows (shafts, points, feathers/vanes). You can also configure your default round, either by selecting one of the default rounds (most important organizations like IFAA, WA or IBOO) or create your own round.

Although the configuration is not required (recommended) you can go to score your rounds, selecting the option New Round.There are the round data and, if applicable, the rounds you have unfinished to continue with them.

You can also have access to saved rounds and statistics to be able to assess your progress over time and with different equipment.

We will appreciate the communication of errors, suggestions or whatever you can think to make this program better.

This program is a BETA version. You can only store one type of bow, one type of arrows, one type of custom round and up to four rounds.

No wait more and register !!!!!!